Businessman defaults maintenance

27 March 2017

A LOCAL businessman was last week hauled to court by his ex-wife on allegations of not paying over US$5000 school fees for his minor child who is enrolled at a South African school.

Wayne Keith Davidson, 52, appeared before Harare magistrate Josephine Sande charged with failure to pay maintenance.

Davidson told the court that his wife has transferred the child and enrolled him at a school that is more expensive than he can afford.

“Your Worship it’s not like I don’t want to pay the money for my child.

“I have been taking care of my children since they were born and I have never defaulted and never asked for assistance from anyone.

“Whether my wife comes from a family of extreme wealth I have carried this burden myself of supporting my family because I think it’s the right thing to do.

“It’s not like I don’t want, but I simply don’t have the money, I have paid what I’m capable,” he said.

He added:

“I never expected her to take the child to any school in South Africa, and most of all she chose the most expensive.

“When my child was still here I never defaulted as he was at a school that I could afford but the one he is at now is beyond my means”.

Davidson was grilled by State as he was accused of prioritizing his holidays rather than focus on the welfare of his child.

The State also told the court that his wife offered to pay half of the fees of the child and they also signed a consent paper after the finalization of their divorce which talks about the welfare of the minor child.

The State also argued that if he could not afford to pay the fees he should not have signed the consent paper which does not condition that it is Zimbabwe schools only.

Davidson told the court that he can still not afford because he has other things to take care of and other kids to look after.

He is expected to appear back in court on March 30 for his judgment.

Devoted Gwashavanhu-Nyagano appeared for the State.