Property manager on $300k fraud

27 March 2017

A PROPERTY manager for one of Harare’s estate agents appeared in court facing allegations of duping his employer of US$300 000.

Tony Tarisai Farera, who was the property manager and book keeper for Hockgate Investment (Pvt) Ltd, appeared at the Harare magistrates’ court charged with fraud after misappropriating money he was receiving from tenants.

He was not asked to plead to the charges when he appeared before magistrate Barbra Chimboza.

Circumstances leading to his arrest were that during the period extending from 2015 to March this year, Farera was employed at the estate agent.

His duties during his tenure of office involved collecting rentals from various tenants and receipting the money.

Accusations are that Farera manufactured a receipt book bearing the same serial numbers with the one of his employer.

It is said that Farera started issuing receipts from the book he had manufactured to tenants who would have paid rentals.

Reports are that the property manager would ask some of the tenants to deposit money into his bank account and issue fake receipts.

The matter came to light on March 10 when one of the directors at his company made a follow up on rentals after noticing that there were some outstanding unpaid rentals.

One of the directors then engaged the tenants who then produced fake receipts showing payments.

Farera was arrested and taken to court charged with fraud.