Buhera chief leads by example

28 March 2017

Chief elect Shepherd Chengeta and his wife

A BUHERA chief elect has led by example in fighting the hunger tag associated with the community.

Speaking at a field day hosted by Agriseeds on Friday, Shepherd Chengeta, pleaded with his people to work with their agronomists carefully.

“I think it was a blessing that we benefit from the Presidential scheme and this season the rains were in our favour.

“The most important thing now is to work carefully with our agronomists; they will help us eliminate the hunger tag associated with this area.

“Buhera is one of the areas known for hunger and if we work on this together, this could relieve the Government from financial constrains as they always support us.

“Personally, l was just advised by my mother to try the crop and because l was working well with my agronomist, things worked out for good,” he said.

Chengeta said he realised that the Agriseeds (ZAP 61) was compatible with their lands.

“We are very lucky indeed because Agriseeds has decided to host a field day here and educate us more.

“I was delighted to realise that the seed was performing well in our lands and l am informed it can even do better if prepared in time.

“I hope everyone in this community will learn and if these good rains continue to come by, Buhera will never be the same,” he added.

Agriseeds Country Marketing Director, Ivan Craig, said:

“We are making efforts to let these farmers know that they can achieve their maximum potential through the use of correct agronomical practices.

“What has happened here in Buhera is actually a wonderful thing because it is very important for farmers to know that not every crop is suitable for every ecological region.

“Agriseeds is also embarking on educational demonstrations, helping all the farmers throughout the country and we have partnered with Agritex in this.”