Mudhindo, Ngwenya Brothers battle for Jozi honours

28 March 2017


What had been billed as a grand launch of his fifth album turned out into a mini battle for supremacy between Ronnie Mudhindo and Orchestra Vazvamburi against the leaderless Ngwenya Brothers at the Ekurhuleni Boksburg Hotel on Saturday night.

The night however, belonged to the lanky Mudhindo who had his full band. Mudhindo was the lead vocalist and played the bass guitar. Others in his group were Peter Mhondoro Ncube on lead, Misheck Bonjisi Pepezela on rhythm, Stuart Dobha on drums and Brighton Sithole on sub rhythm. They performed fairly well on their debut show in Boksburg and their manager Gladman Mangezi was also there to ensure logistics went on well.

It was a chilly night that saw just over 200 people rocking up and it left huge gaps on the dancefloor which takes up over 1 500 patrons at any given time. It was predominantly male fans and one would have been forgiven to think it was a boys’ night out affair. The crowd however improved as the night wore on.

Mudhindo and his band had travelled over 100km from their Rustenburg base and did not disappoint those that turned up. New tracks such as Munhu Haungamugone and Kuzvambura Hatirege received wild applause and will definitely be tracks to look out for. Mudhindo has not lost his touch especially on the bass guitar where at some point he was being compared to greats such as Alick Macheso.

“We are happy with the launch tangomirira tinzwe kuti vanhu vachaitambira sei kuno nekumusha. We are still to go to Zim to launch again but we are not sure about the dates yet,” said Mudhindo who has a fulltime job at a Rustenburg mine.

Meanwhile, the supporting act Ngwenya Brothers almost stole the thunder on the night with their fascinating stage act. They are currently touring South Africa and are residing Ekurhuleni Boksburg Hotel.

Their leader Tedious Matsito was taken ill after he suffered a stroke. He is in Harare on a painful road to recovery but the band has continued from where their master left off. Small-built Noah Shava who is popularly known as Gede Mwana Gede from the original Ngwenya Brothers proved to be the drawcard with his vocal prowess and dance routines. They played songs from yesteryear albums with hits such as Nyaradzo still holding their own more than two decades later.

The boys included Peter Manyora on drums and lead vocals, James Zakaria, Watmore Gwezere and Robert Taundi.

Dancers Givemore “Chigure” Chimtengu and Wonder Zinhu left fans awe-struck with their energetic performances. They were well complemented by Shava aka Pinjisi who has been with the Ngwenya Brothers since the beginning. They gave a performance that would have made their boss Matsito happy.

“We hope mudhara Tedious get well and isusu ticharamba tichirova basa until vaita mushe and comes back. We miss him and wish him a get well soon,” said Manyora who spoke on behalf of the group.