Pastor denies paternity

29 March 2017

A JUNIOR pastor Tuesday denied paternity of a child claiming that the mother was a prostitute.

Stelani Tichinani, who is currently attending Bible College, was dragged to court for child neglect by Portia Dhambudza.

He however, argued that the child in question was not his.

“I am not offering anything for the child because the child is not mine. At one point, she said the child was not mine but I am surprised that she is now seeking maintenance of the child from me.

“She is a prostitute and she is trying to frame me.”

He, however, offered to pay US$20 maintenance saying he was willing to go for paternity tests.

In response, Dhambudza said:

“I am willing to go for paternity tests I do not have any problem with that because I know that he is the father to my child.”

Presiding magistrate Manassa Musiiwa ordered Tichinani to pay US$40 maintenance and to go for paternity tests within six months before the order is finalised.