30 March 2017


. . . war benefits telecoms consumers


AWAKENING telecoms giant, NetOne is taking the game to its rivals in a war that is set to leave consumers the happiest.

This week NetOne announced three different products that look set to help them snatch subscribers from their rivals –Econet and Telecel.

Below are the three promotions:

News On One

This is a promotion that enables NetOne subscribers to listen to latest news from their favourite radio stations anytime. This innovative service enables a subscriber to listen to the latest news straight from the phone according to NetOne acting chief executive Brian Mutandiro:

“We are excited to be launching this service which we are sure provides convenience to our subscribers. Our subscribers have different professions, engagements and responsibilities to the extent that they might not be able to listen to the latest news from their favourite radio stations.

“Wherever one is they can just dial 337 and access latest news so I say to our subscribers is, if it’s breaking, if it’s Business, if it’s Hot then it’s for YOU. News on One makes sure that you don’t miss any breaking news from your favourite radio stations. In addition, you can share the news to any number of your in the NetOne network.

“The product range is tailored to suite the everyday connectivity needs. We continue to listen and learn about the ever-changing needs of the subscriber and more importantly, act on them. Indeed after another 20 years, so much would have changed and we will continue to soar higher and greater with innovations that only the future can outdo.

“We are happy with the confidence we are getting from stakeholders who have shown interests in partnering us.”


A pure voice bundle, KHULUMA 24/7 allows subscribers to to make voice calls across all networks at affordable rates.

As the name captures Khuluma24/7 is a pure Voice Bundle that allows subscribers to call across networks and within its network with daily and weekly validities. The bundle also allows the subscriber to call within the network. Voice calls are pegged at $ 0.16 a minute and this voice bundle will offer cross network calls for only $ 0.10.

Mutandiro said:

“We are on an aggressive drive to change lives of our subscribers and we are achieving this through value addition services which are affordable to the generality of Zimbabweans. We have noted that most packages and promotions on voice calls do not really encourage cross network calling but we have realised that in as much as millions of subscribers are migrating to NetOne we also need to empower them to be able to call subscribers from other Networks whom we believe are on their way to our NetOne in essence we are putting power and freedom in the hands of the consumers through by making their day to day telecommunication needs convenient and affordable”


One Radio is the only dial-in radio service. This is a unique and exciting value added service whereby subscribers can dial and listen to radio programmes instantly. Subscribers can now listen to the popular Star FM “pamhepo na Tilda Show (Tilda Moyo), Love Lounge on ZiFM and Backstage on ZIFM. Subscribers dial 336 to opt-in to the service for either 1 or 2 weeks. The service gives you up-to 500 minutes to listen to exhilarating pre-recorded shows. More shows will be available on the service, watch this space.

Mutandiro said:

“We promised to increase capacity and add value to our services and this is what we are implementing. Our subscribers can now listen to their favourite programmes instantly wherever they may be. It’s simple you just dial 336 and our rates are $0.50 for 200 minutes and this lasts from 7 days.

“The other option for 14 days is for $0.95 and subscribers have up to 500 minutes of listening. These are not the only radio programmes on offer. We are also negotiating with the various radio stations and more things are on the way. We are doing this for our subscribers whom we believe deserve these services.”