Olinda, Stunner meet in London

30 March 2017

Stunner and Olinda

THE Olinda and Stunner soapy continues to unveil more episodes as the year progresses.

The two, who have been making headlines since January, are back in the limelight.

After going their separate ways some weeks ago, the duo was recently caught on camera at a Zara ladies shop in London.

Stunner is currently on tour for a couple of shows.

Social media is awash with the picture saying Olinda had taken her former husband for shopping.

However, during his interview on Zimba Live TV, Stunner said, “Look at the body language in that picture.

“It’s either you can say I was buying something for her or I was buying something for someone else.

“The guys I was with said Olinda was coming because she has something she was promoting and I said no problem.

“Akati vanhu havasangani ndiani?

“We are people that used to stay together; we are not enemies, I don’t choose to be an enemy to anybody.

“She was my wife and if she is cool with it I would go on and see her kids because they were once my kids; they called me daddy at one time.”

He said their meeting was only during the shop incident.

However it appears Olinda will be attending Stunner’s show tomorrow in Leicester as she posted a flyer of the show accompanied with the caption “Looking for an outfit for Friday night. #slayqueen.”