Couple fights over STI

31 March 2017


A Domboshava man who was dragged to court by his wife revealed before the court that his wife came back from a church conference infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

Kenneth Nyakudya whose wife Dora Zambasira, was seeking protection order, told the court that his wife was trying to get a protection order to silence him from asking where she had contracted the STI.

He said:

“Since 1984 we never underwent any sexual disease treatment, we were very much healthy.

“The problem which led her to summon me with the protection papers is because recently she came back from Hwedza church conference saying she was not feeling well.

“She then went to the doctor were it was discovered that she was suffering from a sexually transmitted disease and the nurse injected us and instructed us to get tested

“When we went back to our matrimonial home I told her to sleep in a separate bedroom up until we got tested.

“However I failed to get us tested because I had no money.

“She recently moved from our matrimonial home,” he said.

In response, Dora said she was being verbally abused, denied access to their matrimonial home and receiving death threats from Kenneth hence the application for the protection order.

“He insults me and he threatens to evict me from our matrimonial home saying if I do not tell him chikomba chakandipa chirwere he will kill me.

“When I am feeling sick he says I should get treated by my relatives,” she said.

Magistrate Sharon Chipanga who presided over the matter granted Dora the protection order and ordered Kenneth to stop abusing her and allow his wife to have access to their matrimonial home.