Son abuses father

31 March 2017

AN abusive 46-year-old man was taken to court yesterday by his father who sought for a protection order against him.

Nyembezi Halahala alleged his son Misheck was in the habit of assaulting him for no reason.

“He has a tendency of insulting and assaulting me at my own house.

“He is my son but I cannot live with him. I want this court to evict him.

“I am suffering because of his violent nature and I do not know what he might do to me since he constantly threatens me,” he said.

Nyembezi said he wants the order to be extended so that Misheck cannot abuse him again.

In response, Misheck agreed to vacate from his father’s house but pleaded with the court to grant him two months whilst he looks for his own place.

“I have never abused him because he is my father; I will also leave his house but I need more time.”

Magistrate Sharon Chipanga granted Nyembezi the protection order he sought and ordered Misheck to vacate from his father’s house.