175 hours for unlawful entry

3 April 2017

A 46-YEAR-OLD man has been ordered to perform 175 hours of unpaid work for unlawfully entering a house and stealing property worth US$47 in Mbare.

Nigel Muchingami pleaded guilty when he appeared before Mbare magistrate Stanford Mambanje charged with unlawful entry in aggravating circumstances.

Initially, he was sentenced to 12 months in prison before six months were suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.

One month was suspended on condition he restitutes US$17 to Dadirai Mazonde.

The remaining five months will be suspended on condition he performs 175 hours of community service.

It was proved that on March 22, Muchingami went to Mazonde’s house in Mbare and he found her door unlocked but she was away.

Muchingami opened the door, entered the room and he stole Android AG mobile cell phone, two wallets which had cash amounting to US$17, a birth certificate, national ID and a Steward bank card before he went away.

Mazonde came back and discovered that her property has been stolen and enquired from her landlord if anyone was seen entering her room.

Muchingami was said to be only one who was seen entering the room.

A complaint was lodged at Mbare Police Station and Muchingami was held as a suspect.

Investigations were done and a search was done at Muchingami’s house, the cell phone, national ID card and the two wallets were recovered from his room.

The total value of the stolen property is US$47 and US$30 was recovered.