Man insults ex wife

3 April 2017

A 50-YEAR-OLD Mabelreign man appeared in court for allegedly insulting his former wife through sending her offensive text messages.

Moses Bete pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Mbare magistrate Sharon Rakafa answering to charges of offensive telephone messages.

The matter was deferred to April 6 for trial continuation.

The State, represented by Daniel Muchimbiri, had it that on March 7 at around 7:30am, Mercy Yeukai Chinogurei was at her workplace when she received an offending and insulting text message from her former husband Bete.

The text message reads:

“I divorced you before I married you and when I went to Malawi for a holiday without telling you, your Chinese grandmother was laughing that you had already been divorced.

“I knew already that you are a goblin’s wife and it was a very big mistake to have you pregnant bitch.”

The court further reported that on March 8, Bete allegedly sent another text message to Chinogurei saying:

“A very normal man asingapenge chaiye would not enjoy such public staff zvinongoonekwawo chero nana gardener, fellow workers, school kids, every Tom, Dick and Harry or even street kids”.

A complaint was lodged with the police leading to Bete being dragged to court.