Top banker threatened

3 April 2017

CHARTERED accountant and top banker, Patterson Fungai Timba, hauled a consultant with two of his companies to court complaining that he had threatened to use physical and spiritual violence against him.

Timba dragged Lovemore Mangezi to the Harare magistrates’ court saying he had threatened him through text messages while demanding his unpaid money.

The money which Mangezi was claiming was for consultancy services he had rendered to two companies where Timba claims to be a non-executive board member.

Mangezi denied ever threatening the top banker saying he was arrested at Timba’s house after he visited him with intention to enquire on when he would be paid his money.

Speaking through his lawyer, Mangezi said:

“Accused will state that on the day he was alleged to have committed the crime he was standing at the complainant’s residence as he had gone to enquire when he would receive his money in terms of their agreement.

“He will state that the complainant had been ignoring accused phone calls as he did not want to pay the accused his money.

“He will state that the complainant has a history of evading his obligations by using the police as he also made a similar report at the Avondale Police Station which was thrown out as the police found that they did not have sufficient information to charge accused with the crime of assault or threat.”

But Timba told the court that he decided to take the matter to the police after Mangezi continuously sends him some threatening messages.

He told the court that Mangezi started sending him the text messages in December of last year until January this year when he decided to take the matter to the police.

“I report accused to the police for sending me threatening messages.

“This started towards end of December last year going into January 2017.

“On December 30 the accused went to my house and I told him that I was not at home at that stage.

“He then started sending messages threatening to come where I was.

“The messages went on to say I am very strong spiritually and physically. He said he wanted to sacrifice me.

“I sat as a non-executive board member for Tolrose (Pvt) Ltd and Swimming Pool and Underwater (Pvt) Ltd.

“The companies had engaged accused as a consultant and I had signed agreements on behalf of the companies.

“He had experienced delays in get paid that is when I started getting messages.

“I felt under threat,” he said.

Mangezi is expected to be back in court on April 7 for trial continuation.

Magistrate Annie Ndiraya presided over the matter whilst Yeukai Musengi prosecuted.