‘My ex girl-friend is now a menace’

15 September 2017

A MARRIED man says he is in trouble with his former girlfriend who is claiming to have been impregnated by him.

Tatenda Kamutanho, 40, of Mufakose said his former girlfriend Tanaka Ngandu, 29, is making his life miserable as she frequents his place of residence and workplace.

The matter came to light at the Harare civil court where Kamutanho applied for a peace order against Ngandu.

“Your Worship, this woman is my ex-girlfriend; we dated from April to August but she is now troubling me day and night at my workplace and home, of which I have a family and she is causing havoc in my marriage.

“My marriage is now on the brink of collapse because of this woman and she is a threat Your Worship.

“She used to send massages to my wife saying that she won’t stop causing scenes.”

Added Kamutanho:

“She is claiming to have my pregnancy and I am not sure if this child is mine because I used to see several men at her place.

“I can’t take responsibility of this pregnancy your Worship, unless she goes for DNAs to confirm that the child is mine.”

In response, Ngandu said:

“I never harassed him your Worship, we had a misunderstanding when I told him that lam pregnant.

“We were in a relationship for five months and he told me that the woman she was staying with is not his wife but his girlfriend also.

“So I thought that there was nothing wrong with our relationship since he was not married.

“This is his child since we used to engage in unprotected sex and he can testify it your Worship.

“He is lying that I have many other boyfriends, I have him only as my boyfriend.”

Added Ngandu:

“I can’t go for DNA tests your Worship, this is his child and these are the results for unprotected sex, handiti airamba kushandisa condom.

“He even refused to go for some tests and how do I know if he is planning to leave me because akatondizora kudhara.”

Presiding magistrate Farai Hwitima granted the peace order in Kamutanho’s favour while Ngandu was advised to claim maintenance and go for paternity tests once the child is born.

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