MDC sued over $14k debt

HARARE – The Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC has been dragged to court for failing to pay $14 000 to a telecommunications company.

The money is for services offered through a contract entered between the parties 17 years ago.

Ericom Communications is the applicant in the matter, while the MDC is cited as the respondent.

“The plaintiff (Ericom Communications) entered into a contract with the defendant (MDC) on April 28, 2000 in terms of which the defendant hired certain telecommunication equipment from the plaintiff and contracted the plaintiff to install and maintain same for three years. The contract was thereafter automatically renewed from time to time.

“Pursuant to the said contract, the plaintiff installed the hired telecommunication equipment being a BCS 150 PBX Exchange and thereafter billed the defendant for the services rendered and for the monthly rental and maintenance of the hired equipment in terms of account No. 1MOVEF,” the court heard.

According to the court summons, MDC has refused, failed neglected to pay the outstanding amount.

“As at August 25, 2017, the sum of $14 146,37 is due and payable in terms of the said account, being the total of sundry invoices raised together with interest on unpaid invoices,” the court heard.

The MDC is still to respond to the application filed on Tuesday and the matter is also yet to be set down for hearing before the High Court.


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