Glitz & glamour: As Ster-Kinekor opens its doors

Ster Kinekor brand ambassador, Gilmore Tee at launch

Ster Kinekor brand ambassador, Gilmore Tee at launch

Bruce Ndlovu
The red carpet turned into a fashion ramp on Thursday evening as the bold and the beautiful made the pilgrimage to the Bulawayo Centre where Ster-Kinekor had its debut night with the premiere of the movie The Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

In the days leading up to Thursday’s festivities, the international movie powerhouse had promised a spectacular night out for movie buffs, with Ster-Kinekor Zimbabwe representative Maybe Simbisai saying:

“We promise people great moments at their greatest just as our tagline. It’s always bigger and better on the big screen.

“We have world class facilities such as air-conditioning and the likes. People should come and enjoy.”
Ster-Kinekor delivered on the night by all accounts, providing the sort of classy and friendly environment that the City of Kings has been starved of since the heydays of Rainbow Cinemas.

All four cinemas were sold out, packed to the rafters with a crowd that seemed to have a love for both the big screen and fashion, turning up dressed to the nines to give Ster-Kinekor the warmest welcome in spring time Bulawayo.

Socialites, like Ster-Kinekor ambassador Gilmore Tee were out in full force while celebrities Cal Vin and singer-cum-radio presenter Donna N, who dazzled on the red carpet with a red dress and white blazer draped over her shoulders, gave the night the touch of glamour that it demanded.

As promised, the night was more than just a mere movie screening, with wine served to those who attended. Cameras flashed as the wine flowed, with many taking the opportunity to take the now mandatory selfies and snapshots that, when the night was over, would prove that they were there when Ster-Kinekor revived the city’s cinema scene.

Rainbow Cinemas cities 1, 2, 3 and 4 closed down last year.

The only functioning movie house in the city since then has been Elite 400 situated between 10th and 11th Avenue along Robert Mugabe Way.

Ster-Kinekor brings with it high standards that have made the movie giant a powerhouse around the globe.

High definition video and clear surround sound had everyone glued to their seats for the duration of the movie, as bowls of popcorn were passed from hand to hand with little care. There was a clear spirit of community in the cinema, with many seemingly happy to share the same screen with fellow film loving strangers.

The overhaul of the cinema house extends far beyond the movie houses, with the clean exterior providing a welcome environment on its own. For those whose stomachs grumbled, snack counters were fully stocked while Ster-Kinekor’s staff welcomed and served everyone with a big smile.

The premiere of the movie was an exclusive, coming a day before the same movie graced big screens for the first time in America. The movie was the reason that everyone had dressed up so spectacularly and it did not disappoint. The Golden Circle is the sequel to the first Kingsman movie, The Secret Service, an action flick brimming with humour. Kingsman: The Secret Service was a big sleeper hit, racking up $414m worldwide and confirming director Matthew Vaughn as a major Hollywood player.

The Kingsman series was originally pitched by Vaughn as a more fun version of James Bond, a return to the crazy gadgets and over-the-top villains of late Sean Connery-era 007. When one watches this sequel, it is easy to see why. The movie’s action sequences had watchers on the edges of their seat throughout, with every plot twist or fight scene getting audible gasps or cheers from a movie house that was clearly engrossed with the action.

The steamy sex scenes, as expected, excited the audience, with the film serving enough eye candy for both female and male watchers. While the jury is still out on whether the sequel will top the original, the light hearted action flick proved to be just what the doctor ordered on a night when Bulawayo welcomed Ster-Kinekor with an open and loving embrace.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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