LIVE: Zanu-PF Extra-Ordinary Congress

Updates by Vusumuzi Dube and Wilson Kakurira

Dashboard: Stanford Chiwanga and Mayibongwe Madlela

15:56 – The interface rallies were used to sow seeds of division, hatred and tribalism. We also saw the former first lady had usurped presidential powers to fire party members at will

15:53 – “It was a historic day in our party as the central committee met and made resolutions which will reverberate in our party for years to come”

15:52 – Zanu-PF secretary for legal affairs Cde Patrick Chinamasa now giving resolutions of the central committee held on 19 November 2017

15:35 – “We have travelled a long way in dealing with G40 along the way they were heroes and heroines among the war vets, the late Amai Mohofa comes to mind MHSRIP. I will also like to salute musician Jah Prayzah who was also persecuted for expressing his views through music. Even the youths in Bulawayo who booed the former first lady and led the former president to throw a tantrum, you were brave I salute you” – Cde Chris Mutsvangwa

Chairman of the War vets Cde Chris Mutsvangwa now giving his solidarity remarks

15:30 – “The person we now have as President is action oriented, he is a man in his own right”

15:25 – “We are now free in our nation which is indeed pleasing. However what we learnt in all this is that you can’t have a situation where you go to Chief Charumbira’s court and u find Mrs Charumbira now taking my seat hearing cases no no no this is wrong” – Chief fortune Charumbira

15:21 – We came here to congratulate you Zanu-PF because you did something good and commendable as traditional leaders we were also worried that you were not acting while our party was going down the drain

15:20 – President of the chiefs council Chief fortune Charumbira now giving his solidarity message of behalf of other chiefs

15:18 – We are now moving to local groupings who will give their solidarity messages starting with traditional leaders followed by war veterans then students

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Cde Baleka Mbethe

Cde Baleka Mbethe


14:28 – The solidarity messages are continuing with a representative from Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO) now on the podium.

13:35 – We now move to the solidarity messages starting with one from South Africas’ ANC which will be presented by the party’s national chairperson Cde Baleka Mbethe.

Cde Baleka Mbete is a South African politician who is Speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa since 21 May 2014. Previously she was Speaker of the National Assembly from 2004 to 2008 and Deputy President of South Africa from 2008 to 2009 under Kgalema Motlanthe. She was elected National Chairperson of the African National Congress (ANC) in 2007 and re-elected in 2012

13:25 – “We now see light at the end of the channel due to your astute leadership President Mnangagwa, within the few weeks you have been in the helm, the country has seen a lot of changes in the economy” – Cde Oppah Muchinguri

13:20 – Cde Oppah Muchinguri now giving a vote of thanks

13:11 – President Mnangagwa ends his speech

13:09 – President Mnangagwa now tables the central committee report

13:08 – “I am a president of everyone”

13:07 – “War veteran should be at the core of all this. Their value is greater than their vote. We must stop being a party of the past but become a party of the future. The party should shift focus and now instead of being a party of politics and politics alone we are now a party of politics and economy. My presidency is not to be seen as a rise of a certain region or tribe but should be seen as rise of total unity. I am an emissary of all veterans and heroes dead or live” – President Mnangagwa

13:02 – “Let us draw lessons from all that has happened, revolutions get infiltrated but let us not lower our guard ever again. Let us remain genuine cadres instead of careerist who focus on self gain and enrichment. In the future let’s remain disciplined, disciplined and disciplined. We must now focus on rebuilding our party and restore the confidence of the people which had been lost because of this cabal”

12:58 –“The people of Zimbabwe showed that they are united by the Zimbabwean flag, national anthem and legacy. The voice of the people is the voice of God. Our history and legacy was under threat fromtheG40 cabal which had divided the party. Party structures were overrun, corrupt activities were daily sanitised, the country was violated by impunity. The so called youth interfaces were not mobilisation rallies but were agendas. The ninth interface ended with me being likened to a snake whose head had to be bitten off. This was all said by people who have little history in the liberation of the country.”

12:55 – “I would like to salute CDF Constantine Chiwenga and the entire ZDF and also the war veterans who remained resolute despite being condemned at times but they indeed remained resolute” – President Mnangagwa


12:47 – “Democracy and the respect of the law runs through the veins of our party since independence

The 2018 general elections will be held as scheduled.

Above all we must ensure peace in our land. We who are called upon to lead the party must always remember that we are servants of the party and the nation

Talking of the Operation Restore legacy, these were dramatic but saw a new era and a prosperous future for our nation is in the making” He says

12:42 – “I pay homage to my predecessor RG Mugabe who steered the party until I took over just a few weeks ago. I am humbled by the faith you have shown to me and I will leave up to your expectations. This country is our home, this is what Zanu-Pf is saying to everyone.” – President Mnangagwa

12:40 – Today I address you as the party’s President and first Secretary subject to the ratification of the resolution of Central Committee meeting that set on 19 November 2017

12:32 – President Mnangagwa takes to the podium after being invited by Dr Mpofu

12:26 – He also says it is equally disturbing is that our former president Mugabe had lost control of the party

12:25 –“Never before did we think the party would devour its own but past events within our party have been shocking and unfortunate. Party meetings were no longer predictable, known for being meetings to spread love, unity and development they were meetings of expulsions and denegratory statements led by political turn coats and fraudsters” – Dr Mpofu

12:20 – Dr Mpofu giving his welcome address after which he will invite President Mnangagwa to give his keynote address


12:02 – “I have been directed by President Mnangagwa to tell you delegates that hr does not entertain rowdiness, if delegates have their own frustrations there are channels to do that” – Dr Mpofu

11:58 – Zanu-PF spokesperson Cde Simon Khaya who is the master of ceremony invites the acting secretary of admin Dr Obert Mpofu to present delegates to the extraordinary congress

11:55 – Harare metropolitan provincial minister Cde Chikukwa giving her opening remarks

11:42 – “We salute you all here present as Harare province, please feel welcome to our lovely sunshine city” – Cde Masimirembwa

11:40 – Zanu-PF Harare provincial chairperson Cde Masimirembwa now giving his welcome remarks.

11:38 – Acting Secretary of Admin Dr Obert Mpofu gets official business started by reading the agenda of the extraordinary congress.


11:30 – The crowd on their feet dancing as Jah Prayzah belts out his popular song Kutonga kwaro

11:25 – President Mnangagwa is flanked at the high table by acting Secretary for Administration Dr Obert Mpofu and Secretary for Legal Affairs Cde Patrick Chinamasa while the First Lady is seated with her fellow Politburo members

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11:15 – With the tree planting complete, the program shifts inside where the official program for the extraordinary congress begins with President Mnangagwa giving opening remarks

10:50 – President ED Mnangagwa and the First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa have just arrived at the congress venue. They are now planting trees at the venue to launch the National Tree Planting day. The President is also officially opening a park which will be established at the Robert Mugabe square. The park will mainly be made up of fruit trees.

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10:40 – President Mnangagwa is also expected to plant a tree as part of commemorations of the National Tree Planting day

10:30 – The party has never been this strong, we are more united, resilient and ready to tackle the nation’s problems- Cde Chinotimba


10:25 – We are at the Robert Mugabe square in Harare where the ruling party Zanu-PF is holding its extraordinary congress. About 7 874 people are expected to attend the Congress which will be officially opened by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Also attending the congress will be foreign delegates inclusive of members of fellow revolutionary parties from the region.


THE Zanu-PF Extra-Ordinary Congress being held here today marks a paradigm shift in the party that will see renewed efforts in addressing developmental and economic issues and cleansing it of toxic politics of counter-revolutionaries who sought to subvert its liberation ethos.

Proceedings are due to start shortly, join us for live updates…

Cde Baleka Mbete is a South African politician who is Speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa since 21 May 2014. Previously she was Speaker of the National Assembly from 2004 to 2008 and Deputy President of South Africa from 2008 to 2009 under Kgalema Motlanthe. She was elected National Chairperson of the African National Congress in 2007 and re-elected in 2012

Article Source: The Chronicle