Mega bash for Club Connect first birthday

Club Connect hostesses

Club Connect hostesses

Showbiz Correspondent
CLUB Connect, a nightspot which has been in the epicentre of the Bulawayo entertainment scene with unforgettable shows, tonight celebrates a year of existence.

When it opened its doors to the public at this time last year, the nightspot showed its intent to be one of the top clubs in the city with unique LED spot lights, VIP sections with a heavy celebrity presence and the popping of premium champagnes complete with club crackers.

It hit the ground running with notable celebrities like Jah Prayzah gracing the spot within its first two weeks for a memorable birthday bash that was attended by most of the city’s socialites.

Like any new club, a lot of people wanted to patronise the club. To their advantage, it oozed of class, had good lighting and a backdrop by the entrance which made for good pictures.

Not limiting itself to one genre, Club Connect became especially popular as it was a diverse joint hosting top artistes, Ammara Brown, Tehn Diamond, ExQ, Zodwa Wabantu, Distruction Boyz, DJ Tira, Tipsy, Diliza and DJ Stavo among many others, something the city fun lovers desperately needed.

What mainly set the club apart from others was its ambience and LED lighting which was generally a new phenomenon in Bulawayo. With an engineer for lights, Club Connect was driven by lighting which changed with each genre to set a certain mood, something that went down well with its revellers. Its toilets also fascinated many as they were fully equipped with perfumes, hand wash, mouthwash, lotions and make-up kits all for use for free by patrons.

The friendly hostesses led by Letty Ndlovu were another driving force as their warmth captivated patrons who were guaranteed of quality service.

Security as well was on the lookout for patrons and their belongings, always ensuring that problem causers were dealt with instantly. Paying to get into the club was also made less taxing as the beautiful lady by the door, Nqobile Dlamini, was very patient with customers who sometimes were a pain as they negotiated for cheaper gate charges. She on her own became an attraction at the spot.

DJs such as Harare’s Fujee played a great role in moulding the club by sampling new tracks, always keeping Bulawayo patrons abreast with the nation’s club bangers. Not to be left out is dancehall crew, Judgement Yard, who were also frequenters at the club. They often wowed patrons each time they performed here.

The resident DJs who included Prince Eskhosini, Crazy Black and Kead Wikead, whenever there were no visiting DJs, also rocked patrons and gave other DJs from other spots a good run for their money.

The involvement of renowned club manager, Manu Mahaso as the club’s manager cannot be forgotten as his links and good hospitality saw the spot’s patronage swell, tempting management to open during the week. Ladies, most of whom did not like patronising the place because of its location, started warming up after being convinced by Mahaso. Some men on the other hand, who did not like the location as well, especially the fact that the club shares a building with strip club Private Lounge, also warmed up after Mahaso assured them that Club Connect was a different ball game with a different parking area to that of the strip club.

Now, taking it back to where it all began today, most DJs who performed when the club opened its doors last year have been invited to perform once again to celebrate the club’s one-year anniversary. On the decks tonight will be DJs Liz, Skaiva, Mzoe, Ras Obido, Crazy Black, Prince Eskhosini, CP, MduSevan, Mark Vusani, Noma that Girl and Victor Bravo. They will be joined by resident DJs Kead Wikead, Zet and Mellow Drum.

Article Source: The Chronicle