Morgan Tsvangirai’s PM offer: Accept and sanitize a Zanu PF power project – reject and create a level playing field in 2018 polls

Rather than agreeing to be roped in to help create some credibility, international recognition and acceptance of a ZDF/Zanu PF concocted transitional authority for the country (and in the process, shoring up Zanu PF and restoring their advantage at next years elections), Zimbabwe’s opposition parties now have an opportunity to push for changes that may level the political playing field and give us our first ever free and fair elections.


This change is a Zanu PF power project

The change that is happening in Zimbabwe is welcome, but in truth, this is a Zanu PF internal war gone wild. It’s a succession battle that went national because of the power that the players involved hold. It’s the most abhorrent abuse of a state organ by the ruling party Zanu PF.

The Zimbabwe Defense Forces (ZDF) is not a Zanu PF private army; they are the country’s defense force. Their job is to defend the country, and not to defend or shore up a member or members of what is clearly their ‘mother‘ party. They are not ZANLA or ZIPRA; they are ZDF.

Haven’t Zimbabweans had enough trauma from the partisanship of state organs; the police, the  judiciary, the registrar general, etc.

Splits have occured in the MDC party and yet ZDF were not interested. In fact, there has been criminality within the MDC, including violence at their meetings, and yet, the ZDF did not show any interest. That is the correct position: they are not the police. Why now?

Even if Mugabe’s departure may be a good thing for the country, it is really a Zanu PF internal issue. The next President (Mugabe’s replacement), will come from Zanu PF. That would have been the case anyway if Mugabe had elected to go voluntarily.


Morgan Tsvangirai has a chance to level the playing field

There is this talk of people like Morgan Tsvangirai being offered positions in a Transitional authority? If so, perhaps this is the opportunity for Morgan and others to demand reform instead, including the publication of the voters roll and provision of access to external poll observers next year. That way, the country may finally see the real benefits of our liberation(s); 1980 and 2017.

By rejecting an offer to become Prime Minister in the planned authority, Morgan Tsvangirai will deny the new authority an opportunity to sanitize what is otherwise an illegal act (the not a coup coup).


The sanitization has begun

The issue here is that, the new authority will do all they can to achieve some claim of legitimacy. This is one of the reasons for the ‘not a coup coup‘ now happened in slow motion. That is why the people have been allowed the rare opportunity to come out in their numbers for the the ‘final push’. The people are here for those photo opportunities that will become proof that it was ‘the people’ who blew the dictator away; yet in reality, he was already being swept away by the swollen river (ZDF).

The people have thus begun the sanitization process. And by joining in a post ‘not a coup coup’ government, Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the opposition, will have approved: yet anothet milestone towards sanitization achieved. A Zanu PF election victory (even if unfair) next year will all but complete the process.

Morgan: Your move!