Mugabe is gone, but what next Zimbabwe? a few thoughts come to mind

Many celebrated to fall of Mugabe, but what next Zimbabwe?

A new leader will be crowned soon. That is a certainty.

The economic situation will improve soon (not necessarily immediately): it is not hard to improve when you are at the very bottom of a pit that you dug for yourself. That improvement might be tiny, but it will be an improvement. Of note is that much of this will come from foreign investment, which will lead to some jobs being created, etc. However, the sad thing is that Zimbabwe’s real wealth will remain shielded from the population. Only the powerful elites will benefit from the mineral wealth (remember the Marange diamonds!). The rest of us will have to accept low paying jobs. At least, we will have jobs!

The political situation will probably improve for a period of time. Having allowed those large peaceful demonstrations to occur unhindered, the army and police will probably be too ashamed to ban the same types of gatherings for a period of time. However, I don’t see that lasting until election time next year. We will wait and see.

True democracy will probably elude us again! Those Zanu PF people who got the President out did so for themselves and not for Zimbabwe. For a start, they told us clearly, that leadership is only for those with liberation war credentials. Next, they will make sure their own types are in critical positions so as to ring-fence real wealth, which they will plunder together with foreign companies!

Good luck Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC parties. Good luck Nkosana Moyo and APA. I think your work just got harder!

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