Night of folk songs with Diana at Bar Rouge

Diana Samkange

Diana Samkange

Arts Correspondent
Bar Rouge has become a home for Diana “Mangwenya” Samkange. Every time she thinks of doing something special, Mangwenya goes to Bar Rouge and she has indeed made patrons at the place feel special.

She has a way of taking them through memorable nights with performances that alternate between keeping them glued to the stage and taking them to the dance floor. Her voice and her stage antics have always been amazing, but something pushes her to a higher level at Bar Rouge.

This could probably be the reason why she has decided to dedicate one of her festive season affairs to the joint. She will perform at Bar Rouge tomorrow as she gives people a special Christmas gift. She will be performing popular folk songs in a special segment on the show. The gig is aptly themed “Nziyo Dzepasichigare” to mirror the concept of the day.

“I have chosen to have a night of nziyo dzepasichigare seeing that folk songs are slowly becoming history in the modern day.

It is my belief that our culture and tradition are the only things that define us as Zimbabweans,” said Mangwenya.

“Fans should expect an environment filled with ancient energies. The difference between my usual Bar Rouge performances and this particular one is that other concerts have fused selections but on this one we are going ancient all the way.”

Bar Rouge manager Spencer Sahumani said everything has been set for the day to go traditional.

“We will spice the event with traditional dishes that define our Zimbabwean background. People should be geared for a night of going on a cultural journey,” said Sahumani.

Article Source: The Herald