‘Sunday Chillas not sex parties’


Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
BULAWAYO DJs have been irked by a recent National Aids Council (Nac) report that Sunday Chillas, a social outing mostly for youths was a rebranded name for Vuzu Parties, house parties that are characterised by wild sex orgies, reckless imbibing, smoking marijuana and stripping activities.

Chronicles of House Nations (COHN), the organisers of Sunday Chillas said they were disheartened as the report had tarnished their image.

Sunday Chillas is an event that is held every Sunday around the city. House music is played by the local grouping of house DJs.


According to a tweet by ZiFM last week, it was reported that Nac director Sinatra Nyathi said youths now call the sex parties “Sunday Chillas” to avoid detection by ZRP.

“Nac is concerned with the sexual behaviour of young people in urban centres especially in Bulawayo where they hold sex parties at private venues.

“Provincial Aids director Sinatra Nyathi says youths now call the sex parties ‘Sunday Chillas’ to avoid detection by ZRP,” read the tweet.

However, COHN DJs have disputed the claim saying the report, if true, showed that Nac did not do their research about their event.

Others pointed out that Sunday Chillas is sometimes held at bars in the afternoon and in open places thereby making it impossible for them to promote immoral behaviour.

Some took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction over the issue.

“I personally feel this was a very reckless statement by Nyathi and in turn it’s tarnishing the ZiFM, Nac and ZRP image. Sunday Chillas as the name states is all about a chilled social environment playing chilled music. It’s a mature environment and the music played is mature,” said DJ MduSevan, one of the COHN DJs.

Another DJ Mag said Sunday Chillas was one of the events that were keeping youths off the streets.

“Sunday Chillas is keeping youths from the streets through its music and social gatherings in public spaces. “A popular sporting arena based in Emakhandeni embraced this movement and has successfully managed to keep youths occupied.”

Another COHN DJ, Bongz Deeper said he was more than disappointed.

“What I really don’t understand is how such a big organisation like ZiFM Stereo would broadcast false information without any proof or research whatsoever.

“The National AIDS Council of Zimbabwe should have investigated and got the facts instead of playing the blame game at the same time tarnishing the image of Sunday Chillas which is a movement which has nothing to do with Vuzu parties,” wrote DJ Bongz.

Efforts to get a comment from Nyathi hit a brick wall as her phone was not reachable and phones at the National Aids Council were not being answered.

Article Source: The Chronicle