Tenant murder sucks in gang of robbery plotters

Sisasenkosi Moyo

Sithandekile Moyo


Codelia Mondela, Court Reporter
TWO men and two women from Mpopoma suburb in Bulawayo have been arrested in connection with the alleged murder of a man who was killed by armed robbers as he tried to help a fellow tenant who was being robbed.

A court yesterday heard how two women, Sisasenkosi Moyo and Sithandekile Moyo, told Moses Ncube, Walter Moyo, Mandlenkosi Thobekani Moyo and another man identified only as Bee that Ms Marian Kajewe (29) had $2 000 in her house.

The four men and two women then allegedly hatched a plan to rob Ms Kajewe.

Sisasenkosi and Sithandekile did not go to Ms Kajewe’s house, arguing that she knew them and hence she would be able to identify them and the group agreed that only the men would pounce on their victim.

Moses, Walter, Mandlenkosi and Bee then allegedly later went to Ms Kajewe’s home and broke the door to her house.

Moses Ncube and Walter Moyo

Moses Ncube and Walter Moyo

When the woman screamed for help, her fellow tenant Munkuli Siamubine (39) rushed to the scene and was fatally attacked with a machete.

Sisasenkosi, Sithandekile, Moses and Walter have since been arrested, but Mandlenkosi and Bee are still at large.

The four arrested suspects appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Mr Franklin Mkhwananzi yesterday facing murder and robbery charges.

They were not asked to plead and remanded in custody to December 4.

The court head that when the four armed robbers went to Ms Kajewe’s house, they only managed to rob her of $60. On their way out, they allegedly met Siamubine and allegedly struck him with a machete several times until he collapsed. They then allegedly dumped the machete in a fowl run and disappeared.

Prosecuting, Mr Nkathazo Dlodlo said last Tuesday, Sisasenkosi and Sithandekile informed Moses, Mandlenkosi, Walter and Bee that Ms Kajewe had $2 000 in her room and they could not rob her since she could identify them.

Mr Dlodlo said later that day at around midnight, the four men went to Ms Kajewe’s residence armed with okapi knives and machetes.

Mandlenkosi, Bee and Moses entered the yard, broke Ms Kajewe’s door while Walter stayed on guard.

Sisasenkosi Moyo

Sisasenkosi Moyo

“Ms Kajewe screamed for help and the robbers threatened to kill her with a knife. They allegedly stabbed her on the right shoulder and abdomen                     while demanding cash. She gave them $60,” Mr Dlodlo said.

“Siamubine had heard Ms Kajewe’s screams and came out to rescue her. He met the robbers near the door and they struck him on the back of the neck with a machete several times. He collapsed on the spot and bled profusely.”

He said the gang dumped the blood-stained machete in the fowl run and disappeared.

“The landlord, Ms Sarah Moyo came out after hearing noise and found the deceased lying in a pool of blood near Ms Kajewe’s door. She alerted neighbours and called an ambulance. Siamubine was rushed to Mpilo Central hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival,” Mr Dlodlo said. — @MondelaC

Article Source: The Chronicle