Zimbabweans be afraid: The military will be back

Disturbing reports indicate that Zimbabwe’s High court has ruled that the recent military intervention was not unconstitutional! Effectively, this means that, should they see it fit, they will be back again and that too will be within the law.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa will be fine for now, but the same can not be said for some of the opposition parties, if they manage to wrestle power from Zanu PF come 2018! Afterall, the military have indicated before that they will not salute a person with no liberation war credentials. Both Morgan Tsvangirai and Nkosana Moyo have no military credentials.

As Tendai Biti said in a recent speech in South Africa, history has shown that, once the military intervenes the way they did in Zimbabwe, they will be back again. It is just a matter of time.

We must remember that in legal arguments, precedence is a very powerful. We should expect similar judgements unless there is a law change, which seems very unlikely!

Zimbabweans, be afraid: the military is watching, and if they become unhappy, they will be back. They will even arrest those they believe to be criminals! Interestingly, only those who have opposed their favoured candidate are said to have committed crimes against the state! This is really worrying!


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