2 killed in Bulawayo head-on collision, speed blamed

HARARE – Two people died in a collision between two vehicles in Bulawayo on Wednesday evening, police said.

An out-of-control Honda Fit careered into the lane of an oncoming Toyota Fortuner, leading to the crash.

The accident happened near the Umguza River bridge on the Bulawayo-Gwanda Road.

Police said the dead were occupants of the speeding Honda Fit, while the Fortuner driver received treatment at the United Bulawayo Hospitals.

“The Honda Fit driver lost control and encroached into the lane of an oncoming vehicle leading to a head on collision. The Honda Fit driver and his passenger died on the spot while the Fortuner driver sustained some injuries,” Bulawayo police spokesman Inspector Abednico Ncube said.

“We are urging motorists to drive with due care and attention. They must consider the speed limits for various roads and the condition of the roads they will be driving on to safeguard lives.”

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