Andrea falls victim to impostors

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Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter

ANDREA The Vocalist’s manager, Tendai Joe, has vowed to unmask the individual behind a fake Andrea The Vocalist account on Facebook.

The impostor, a Nigerian only identified as Egoh Noble, has of late been masquerading as Andrea The Vocalist on Facebook, posting updates stolen from Andrea The Vocalist’s official page.

In an interview, Tendai Joe said constant checking up on their social media pages alerted him to the development.

“I’m always checking on our social media pages and as I was doing so, I figured out that there was this page and I started investigating. Initially, I thought it was a fan page, but then I noticed that the content posted was in Andrea’s voice. I then reached out to the guy and asked the individual to take down the page, but he ignored me,” said Joe.

Tendai Joe further explained the severity of the situation saying this might kill Andrea’s career in its infancy.

“This is a very delicate situation where these fake pages can be used for scams, be it BitCoin or forex trading scams as well as bookings, donations, and sponsorships on Andrea’s behalf. This might even jeopardise his career and that’s why we’re adamant to unmask this impostor,” he said.

Egoh Noble

This illegal behaviour comes in the wake of Andrea The Vocalist’s recent trip to South Africa and his subsequent performance at the Amplifaya Festival in Harare.

His rise to fame from social media to superstar     has seen him gaining a lot of traction and followership.

Cybercrime has reared its ugly head again in the arts sector and this is happening barely weeks after Kujata Jata hit-maker DT BiO Mudimba got his music stolen by a scammer who uploaded it on their YouTube channel. The consequences of that saw DT BiO Mudimba failing to monetise from his craft.

Tendai Joe also shared details on how people can contact them for bookings and sponsorships.

“The modus operandi for these kinds of fake pages/groups also includes pushing harmful content links. As a precautionary measure, we would like to encourage anyone who wants to contact us to use only one number; +27719715992,” he shared.

Meanwhile, this weekend is a big one for Andrea as the interview which he had with the BBC crew at the beginning of the month is set to be aired this weekend as a BBC Africa special feature.  

Andrea’s music video for the hit Uhambo, that he recorded in South Africa with Aubrey Qwana, is set to be released on his YouTube channel on Friday. – @eMKlass_49

Article Source: The Chronicle

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