BCC suspends 20-hour weekly water-shedding

Source: BCC suspends 20-hour weekly water-shedding – NewsDay Zimbabwe

bulawayo town clerk Christopher Dube

BULAWAYO City Council yesterday suspended the 20-hour weekly water-shedding schedule it introduced last month when its main pumps were failing to draw enough water for the city.

In a statement, town clerk Christopher Dube said council had suspended water-shedding for areas serviced by the Magwegwe Reservoir.

“The City of Bulawayo would like to advise members of the public on the suspension of the 20-hour weekly water-shedding programme for Magwegwe West, Magwegwe North and Gwabalanda suburbs that was introduced on February 27 as a result of high demand. The efforts that were carried out to improve pressure have brought about positive results. Residents are advised to continue conserving water and consume within their water-rationing limits,” Dube said.

Last month, acting town clerk Sikhangele Zhou announced that the city had introduced water-shedding due to the challenges it was facing at the main feeder.

Bulawayo has experienced water challenges for several years due to incessant droughts.

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