Betting on Your Favorite Sports in Africa: Tips and Strategies

Unlike most gambling games like Roulette or Slots, where you rely only on your luck, sports betting actually requires mastery, making tactics, and strategizing. Therefore, when it comes to professional bettors, they won’t pick just anything that betting sites offer them. They will go above and beyond to employ their knowledge and strategies to ensure greater winning odds.

This means they will analyze the matches and team squads, but also learn about the players’ injuries, current trainers, interpersonal relations, and so forth.

Finally, this means that, as a successful sports bettor in Africa, if you, for example, want to make correct predictions about the current World Cup matches, you will need to basically ‘empathize’ with the teams. But besides that, you will also need to know how to make good strategies. Let’s dive in.

Sports Betting in Africa

Sports betting is one of the favorite pastimes in Africa. While some African countries have been slow to embrace its full potential, many opened their doors to all of its forms – online and offline.

As a consequence, today we can see prominent European and US betting companies casting an eye on the African ground, offering their services to players. This way, they are paving the way to a major expansion of spots betting on the continent.

Countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda are just some examples of countries that allow both sports betting in land-based establishments and online. As a South African player, for example, you can even find portals that review online betting sites in South Africa, helping you find a legal and reliable online bookie.

Sports Betting Strategies African Players Use

As we already mentioned, the difference between professional and lay bettors is that the former use strategies and the latter don’t. A good punter will not simply rely on offers thrown at them by the bookie. Instead, they will study, learn, and plan ahead.

Here are some of the best strategies to use if you want to bet on sports in Africa.

Sure Bets

Also known as arbitrage, Sure Bets is one of the favorite betting strategies among punters in Africa. As the name implies, with a Sure Bet strategy the profit is guaranteed regardless of the match outcome. How?

With this strategy, you will place different combinations of single bets at different bookies. This will allow you to make money from the odd differences found at different bookmakers.

Before, this strategy was reserved only for a minority of people – betting professionals. Today, instead of investing time, effort, and Math learning, you can lean on software that will help you make better and easier choices.


As football is the sport that drives the most interest in Africa, this is one of the most picked wagering strategies on the continent, as it best applies to football. Also known as Parlay, Accumulator, or All-Up bets, this strategy is contained from betting multiple times on a single betting slip.

For example, instead of placing a single World Cup bet, and betting on one team to win one match, you can place multiple single bets on various teams and matches using one ticket.

Although with this strategy, your winning chances decrease with every leg you add, in case your wagering predictions happen to be true, you can win a really good prize. ‘He who doesn’t risk never gets to drink champagne’ kind of thinking.

Last-Minute Goal

Very attractive, interesting, and dynamic betting option gathering many African gamblers around. It gained greater popularity since live-streaming sports came to life as it implies placing a bet that a score will be made at a late time during the match, or at the very end.

For example, you can predict that the goal will be scored in the last 10 or 15 minutes. And you can place this bet anytime before the match finishes.

This is a very interesting strategy as it lets players bet on ongoing matches relying on the real results and how the game is rolling out instead of mere predictions. As the thought already arises, with this wagering strategy, you have a good chance to win big money.

System (or Yankee) Bets

Similar to parlays System Bets strategy implies making multiple bets on one slip, but you only need some of your predictions to come through for you to win your stake.

For example, if you bet on Portugal to win in a World Cup match against Switzerland on the 6th, Brazil in a match against South Corea, and so forth, you will need just some of your predictions to come true to win your prize.

Meaning, this strategy is as interesting as multibet, but it comes with a greater winning probability.

Finishing Lines

People in Africa love sports, and they love betting on their favorite teams. Most of all, they love football. Besides their love for the game, they are also known for studying, researching, and applying good betting strategies in order to ensure their winnings.

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