Covid deaths, infections fall slightly

Source: Covid deaths, infections fall slightly | The Herald

Covid deaths, infections fall slightly

Herald Reporter

Both Covid-19 infection and death rates are on what amount to plateaus, although yesterday’s figures did indicate minute falls.

Yesterday saw 29 deaths recorded, but 15 of these were late recording from Harare, with the seven-day rolling average though reaching 19,4. This average has seen very little movement since Wednesday last week when it climbed to 19,9. Seen then it has moved in a tight band between 18,9 and 20,3. This suggests that deaths have peaked, around two to three weeks after infections peaked, a trend that is expected because the time taken for a severe case of Covid-19 to develop from the initial infection.

However the infection rate has now been almost stable since Monday last week after falling almost as fast since mid-December as it soared from late November. But that fast fall was suddenly arrested at the start of last week and since then the seven-day average has moved around the 1 500 daily mark, a very high infection rate even if only a third of the peak of the fourth wave.

Vaccination rates remain low, just 11 008 people seeking a jab yesterday, despite the end of the holiday period.

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