Got Sole! Bulawayo Sneaker Expo is here

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Simba Jemwa, Showbiz Reporter
SHOES are something we all naturally have an interest in. They are a part of our everyday lives, and we each have a preference when it comes to what we wear on our feet.

“The greatest sneaker show on earth”, the Bulawayo Sneaker Expo is coming to Bulawayo this Saturday and it will be loaded with the most “sought after” sneakers and activities.

The kicks event will be housed at The Barn, a venue where they held their inaugural event. From noon to 7pm, the venue will transform into a sneaker paradise and feature panels, demonstrations, and performances highlighting all things sneakers and the people who love them.

Some of the rarest and most coveted shoes in the sneaker world will be available for purchase, and if you are an owner of a prized shoe, you can even make some money from a lucky buyer. Custom Jordans, Yeezys, and designer collaborations are among the selections featured in the extensive inventory.

Those behind the event, Mlamuli Moyo of Woodies Shack and Mthulisi Moyo of Wood Affair and their partners, Leroy Waps and Davison “Diva” Feliate are very religious about kicks. Call them “sneaker men” if you will.

“The Bulawayo Sneaker Expo is a celebration of sneaker culture and lifestyle. Current pop culture has brought athleisure wear and specifically sneakers to the forefront of the fashion industry,” Mthulisi Moyo said.

He said the sneaker expo will feature performances by Msiz’kay, Ryan Synth, Stok Swit, Slimzar, Kapitol, Deeper and Brintz.

Mlamuli Moyo

Moyo added that it is all systems go while urging attendees to expect to see thousands of people buying, selling, and trading sneakers and clothing at the event. – @RealSimbaJemwa

Article Source: The Chronicle

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