Men living with HIV form organisation

Source: Men living with HIV form organisation –Newsday Zimbabwe

A GROUP of men living with HIV and Aids have formed the country’s first organisation aimed at addressing their concerns.

The group, called The National Positive Men’s Forum (N+MF), said it would identify gaps in HIV policies and responses to ensure men’s issues are considered.

“N+MF will strive to ensure adequate funds and resources for all men living with HIV are included in programming at all times, particularly among the inadequately serviced populations and in line with economic, social and cultural rights, norms and values and the concept of rebuilding and maintaining family dignity.”

Zangaroti said men were a small percentage of the 1,2 million people living with HIV in the country compared to women and girls, adding that N+MF would operate under the Zimbabwe National Network of People Living with HIV.

The UNAids 2022 country fact sheet says there are 480 000 to 530 000 men living with HIV in Zimbabwe.

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