Slice Distributors eyes chunk of SADC

Source: Slice Distributors eyes chunk of SADC | Herald (Business)

Tawanda Mutyebere

Ivan Zhakata Business Reporter

SLICE Distributors, the owners of Chicken Slice, Pizza Slice, Creamy Slice and Slice Grill  is expanding operations into countries in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region.

The company yesterday opened its 16th branch in Harare’s Braeside suburban is working on its new brand called Slice Feed.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Slice Distributors executive chairman Tawanda Mutyebere said Chicken Slice was one of the young and vibrant companies in the fast foods business and it was established to complement the fast food industry, and not to create competition.

“We do not compete with anyone and we do our own things so in terms of competition, we cancelled competition,” Mr Mutyebere said.

“This is our 16th branch and we expect to double by year end. We are expecting to open 15 more branches across Zimbabwe. Places have been secured.

“Everything is in position and it is a matter of opening. We are making inroads into our neighboring countries with expectations to open branches in Zambia.  We will also be assessing for business in Botswana and Mozambique.

“What we believe in as a brand is about our service and products and we value those two. When you get into any Chicken Slice branches you will see the same services that you receive in Bulawayo and if you go to Gweru you will receive the same service. We believe in quality and we are not worried about prices because you must give the correct tag on our prices.”

Mr Mutyebere said it had been a difficult 12 years for the Chicken Slice business, but the company had managed to grow and open more branches employing more people. Ms Patricia Murambinda, the director of Slice Distributors, said they recognised that food was an important sub-sector for its consumers.

“We remain resolute in developing the fast food industry in the country and in Africa and are offering our employees an opportunity to showcase their skills and talent,” she said.

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