Thank You Hon Temba Mliswa for pointing out President Mnangagwa’s weaknesses

Source: Thank You Hon Temba Mliswa for pointing out President Mnangagwa’s weaknesses

Please remind him of his Diaspora Vote

Temba Mliswa

Dear Honourable Temba Mliswa,

Thank you for your straight talk on various political matters. I enjoyed your video interview with Blessed Mhlanga recently in which you pointed out that as the first citizen responsible for cabinet decisions, President Mnangagwa should be reviewing his team to ensure that they are working for the people, so he is responsible for all the country’s misfortunes.

President Mnangagwa has made some plausible statements in the past, one example being his statements while addressing Zimbabweans living in the United States of America on the sidelines of the United Nations General Conference in 2018, that the country would prepare to allow citizens living in the diaspora to vote, with the possibility of them voting in 2023.

While the world is impatiently waiting to get updates on President Mnangagwa’s diaspora vote promise, we have heard how Zanu PF officials, including Zanu PF parliamentarians, have attacked Speaker of Parliament Advocate Jacob Mudenda for suggesting amendments to the electoral laws to ensure Zimbabweans in the Diaspora can vote. Most surprisingly, sources in Zanu PF have told the media that Advocate Mudenda was barred from attending a Zanu PF Politburo meeting over his position on the Diaspora vote. From my understanding, the Zanu PF President is part of the Politburo, and it is surprising how he failed to protect Advocate Mudenda who shares similar views with him regarding the diaspora vote, if the world is to believe in President Mnangagwa’s own statement regarding the need for the diaspora vote.

Is this another example of President Mnangagwa dancing to the whims of inappropriate behavior by his officials? Or is he merely grandstanding to please the international community when he makes these statements? Zimbabweans in the diaspora’s right to vote need to be granted.

Honorable Mliswa, as a Parliamentarian, is there anything you can do, working with other positive-minded parliamentarians across the political divide to do the right thing to ensure that not only the President’s promise is fulfilled but also to enable citizens of Zimbabwe living in the diaspora get their birthright to vote. We look up to the positive-minded legislators to deliver in this regard. Can positive-minded parliamentarians across the political divide team up and come up with a Private Member’s Bill? As a knowledgeable legislator, Honorable Mliswa, you are likely to know the processes involved in these things, so please do what it takes from your perspective to ensure this is achieved.

Zanu PF legislators who come across this message must also have discussions among themselves to find ways of convincing their wayward colleagues who go against the President’s wishes to grant citizens living abroad the right to vote. Those citizens contribute immensely to the economy as has been acknowledged by many.

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