“The cake was hanging in the air, but didn’t fall, that’s how life is” : Mai TT shares inspiration behind trending cake

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Those who follow social media personality Mai TT (real name Felistas Murata) know that her life has been full of ups and downs.

An open book, Mai TT has been open to fans about a lot of things that she goes through, in some instances breaking down during her live shows. But, she always, always finds a way to overcome her challenges, something that many of her followers adore.

It’s these experiences that inspired her upside-down hanging cake that became the talk on social media when she tied the knot in Harare on Saturday.

Below is her explanation of why her cake was upside down.

“When I had a meeting with the Cake Gurus, I told them I don’t want just an ordinary cake but I want to tell a story out of that cake. The cake itself is a mixture of a lot of different ingredients, fruits, sugar, salt, alcohol, flour etc meaning life can be sweet as the sugar in the cake. It can be salty and sour too. It can seem as it’s not going anywhere, it’s just circulating at one place just like when you take alcohol, you don’t really know what you are doing, but still, you go through it all.

“I personally went through the highs and lows of life and struggled my way through but still I kept going.

“The cake was hanging in the air, but did not fall, that’s exactly how life is. You can pass through the worst, but keep hanging on strong. Do not give up on your faith, hope and dreams. People will talk about you and say oh that’s the end of you, but keep hanging on strong. They will rule you out, but keep hanging on strong.

“One day you shall look at your upside-down life and say, I came, I Saw, I conquered,” shared my TT this morning.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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