The love story of Esrom Nyandoro and Ruth Banda

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Ricky Zililo, Senior Sports Reporter

THE day after Christmas, Boxing Day will always be special for arguably the most fancied Zimbabwean sports couple, former national soccer team players Esrom Nyandoro and his wife Ruth (Banda).
Boxing Day always ignites sweet memories for the couple who wedded on December 26, 2004 at a lavish ceremony at the Gold and Black Club in Bulawayo.

Their wedding reception venue was next to the former Amazulu Sports Club along Robert Mugabe Way.
It was at Amazulu Sports Club where the former national team midfielder Esrom curved his skills from the time he became an Amazulu FC juniors’ player at the age of 16 until he left to join South Africa’s decorated club, Mamelodi Sundowns in 2004.
Yellow or Quarter as Esrom is fondly known, had been married to ex-Mighty Warriors midfielder Ruth Banda under customary law before they wedded in Holy matrimony at St Columba’s Anglican Church in Makokoba on December 26, 2004.

Esrom Nyandoro and wife Ruth

On the last Monday of 2022, Esrom and Ruth celebrated 18 years of official marriage.
Esrom believes their love journey from being childhood sweethearts to being an adored couple in adulthood has been centred on God and that is why they are strong and still madly in love.

“I think first of all, it has to be God that we’ve reached this milestone. Our marriage is centred on God. There’s also respect, which is very key in our marriage. I respect her and she also respects me because we know we love each other.
“To be able to respect her feelings, try to give her time and to defend her because the house is full of boys, this has brought us closer. She’s the only girl in the house and she has to feel protected,” said Esrom.

The pair is blessed with four boys, with the eldest waiting for his matric results while the last born is eight years old. In between, there are twins.
“I think I also try to show my kids what love is and how to respect a woman. Because they’re boys, they’re young and we live in a different world compared to the way we grew up, so it is always important to be a role model not only to everyone, but especially my kids.

They should know how to play with a girl or to treat a girl. Sometimes I do something that they’re not experienced at, I hold my wife and kiss her in front of them. In fact, she’s (Ruth) my friend more than being a wife and when I play with her, I always tell the boys this is how you treat a lady,” Esrom said.

Having spent 11 years at Mamelodi Sundowns where he stayed until retiring in 2015, Esrom, who now runs his own businesses, said he and Ruth have weathered storms together.
“Not to say they’re no problems in marriage, those challenges you face in a marriage institution are the ones that make you strong.

No one must lie to say there are no challenges in marriage. We do have challenges, but what is key is how you solve them.
“We’ve been married for 18 years but we’ve been together for about 24 years so we understand each other. I know when I’m right and when I’m wrong. I know what to do for us to move forward. At times I might not be happy about something and she’ll also at some point be angry about something, but what’s important is to go back and find each other in our arms,” said Esrom. — @ZililoR

Article Source: The Chronicle

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