TIMB on restructuring exercise

Source: TIMB on restructuring exercise – NewsDay Zimbabwe

Meanwell Gudu

By Melody Chikono

THE Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) has rebranded as part of its restructuring exercise.

The board is aiming to align with the evolving operating environment  at a time when the industry is faced with several challenges which includes increased pressure to ban tobacco consumption.

TIMB becomes the fifth parastatal under the Agriculture ministry to rebrand after the Agricultural Finance Corporation, Agricultural and Rural Development Authority, Grain Marketing Board and Agricultural Marketing Authority.

Speaking during the rebranding launch on Friday TIMB chief executive, Meanwell Gudu said the rebranding came at a time when the board had expanded its portfolio of services, as a regulator.

“The rebranding project is the first of its kind by the board. Why are we rebranding is maybe the question among many of you? Our operating environment has tremendously evolved. The industry is faced with challenges from the markets and beyond the markets. New challenges from the markets include a louder clarion call for us as a global supplier to comply with both sustainable tobacco production and with environment, social and governance reporting standards. The mounting challenges beyond the markets include increased campaign from lobbyists to ban tobacco consumption which will impact negatively on global demand for the golden leaf,” he said.

“Furthermore, human rights practitioners are also campaigning against tobacco production alleging that it involves forced and child labour.”

Gudu added that internally, TIMB also underwent a restructuring exercise which resulted in the redesigning of its departments to be more efficient.

In line with this restructuring, he added that TIMB had  established an inspectorate unit which works tirelessly to ensure that there is 100% compliance with regulations in the industry.

Gudu said TIMB had also established a business development unit which would facilitate alternative and alternate tobacco uses to diversify revenues for tobacco growers.

“The board has also established a sustainability department whose mandate is to ensure that the industry complies with sustainable tobacco production methods,” he revealed.

Gudu said  TIMB was  rebranding to: define its critical role towards the attainment of Vision 2030 guided by the National Development Strategy 1, the Agriculture and Food Systems Transformation Strategy  and the Tobacco Value Chain Transformation Plan.

The rebranding, Gudu pointed out, is also meant to communicate the board’s new strategic
position that comes with a new vision, mission and values to its stakeholders as well as to reposition TIMB as a modern and more efficient company.

As a result of the rebranding, TIMB has come up with a new pay-offline, For Livelihoods, for Sustainability.

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