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Wedding of . . . Mthandazo Ngungu, son of Samuel Ngungu and Leadme Mavenge; and Nolwazi Khupe, the second-born daughter of Sinini Khupe and Susan Moyo of Bulawayo.

Tied the knot on . . . December 3, 2021.

We chose . . . Shumba’s Garden in Bulawayo for our wedding ceremony and reception because of the beautiful scenic views and its alluring rustic garden.

How did you meet . . .?

Our first contact was in April 2018 at the Natural History Museum. She was on attachment and he was a permanent employee.

It was during induction when she saw a handsome guy in a very dirty worksuit painting. She knew he was the one although it took her three months to accept his proposal. Our traditional wedding and lobola ceremony was on the 19th of December 2019.

Did you face any challenges preparing for the wedding . . . ?

Yes, we did. Our main challenge was Covid-19-induced lockdowns. We were meant to wed in June and everything was paid for, then, unfortunately, Covid-19 cases rose forcing us to postpone the ceremony.

As a result, we lost some of our funds to the other service providers as they were already booked for December meaning we had to look for others.

However, we overcame a number of the challenges as we were set to get on with the wedding.

Wedding colours . . . Gold, white and emerald green.

Wedding dress . . . She had two that were supplied by a local designer, Pinkrosane Designs.

The bridal team . . . we had no bridal team, we only had the best man, best lady and ring security.

The cake . . . was a five-tier gold, green and white fruit cake.

Favourite part of the wedding . . . was watching things go according to plan and I eventually kissed her. My heart was filled with love and I knew we had done it.

The most touching moment was when I turned around and saw her standing with her father. I dropped a tear and said thank you, Lord.

What was on the menu . . . Welcome cocktails were served with platters. The main meal comprised samoosas, mini pies, potato wedges, spring rolls, fried chicken, beef kebabs and fried beef.

For salads we had green salad, then assorted trifle and cake for dessert.

Guest list . . . 100.

Photography was provided by . . . Saitefied Media, Good Ideas Media and BV Media.

MCs: Carlos.

Entertainment was provided by . . . Miss Thandi Bhala, DJ Boyz’n’Ishuz, DJ Dross and Mc Carlos “The Big C”. Treasure Trove provided us with rings.

Budget: US$6 000.

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