Woman abuses disabled husband

The Chronicle

Michael Magoronga, Midlands Correspondent
A KWEKWE-BASED man living with a disability has approached the courts seeking protection from his wife who is allegedly in the habit of beating him up and bringing other men into their matrimonial house.

Mr Chris Svondo, who became visually impaired two years ago, approached the Kwekwe Civil Court seeking a protection order against his wife, Pamela Ndondo, whom he claims is in the habit of neglecting and cheating on him after he lost his eyesight.

In the court papers, Svondo claims Ndondo has since had another child with a boyfriend who even visits their matrimonial home even during his presence.

“My wife has been in the habit of neglecting me since the time I lost my eyesight.

She even brings boyfriends to our house in my presence.

As we speak, she is nursing a baby that she had with one of her boyfriends,” said Mr Svondo.

Ndondo, who is into mining, reportedly took their children with her to her mine, leaving her husband with no one to look after him.

“She knows very well that I cannot see anymore and she took the children with her, leaving me with no one to assist me.

The whole thing started when I lost my eyesight two years back and I have been suffering from insults, beatings and all forms of abuse,” he said.

In response, Ndondo said her husband was not telling the truth.

“I am the one who works for the family and most of the time I will be at the mine fending for the family.

It is a lie that I beat him up.

I respect him as the father of my children,” she told the court.

She said the “boyfriend” being alluded to was a workmate.

“We work together with the man in question and he came to collect his share of money and he now claims that he is my boyfriend.

The child I have is his, not of any boyfriend,” she said.

The woman also claimed that her husband spends most of his time with his first wife in Zhombe.

Magistrate Ms Mildred Mutuvi granted the protection order and ordered the couple to live peacefully.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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