12 housemates left…Things heating up in Big Brother Titans house

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On week nine of Big Brother Titans, all housemates who were not immune from eviction have been nominated in this season’s first individual eviction nomination process, except Justin.

Since Blaqboi has been assigned immunity this week – having won Head of House (HoH) along with Ipeleng, who is a supreme veto power holder together with Ebubu, there was limited room for nominations this week.

Housemates proceeded to explain to Biggie that those they were putting up for possible eviction were either a big threat to them winning the grand prize of US$100 000, or they were just someone they simply had not bonded with within the 57 days they have been in the #BBTitans house.

In order to determine this week’s winner of the HoH game, housemates were tasked with unstacking paper cups. The rules were simple: A stack of paper cups was made. Each stack had a black cup at the top. The housemates had to re-stack the cups until the black cup was at the bottom. Getting the black cup to the bottom of the challenge in the fastest time won the challenge.

And so Ipeleng got to pass the HoH badge of honour to her successor and former partner, Blaqboi.

As housemates move closer to the finish line and grand prize, fans can vote for their favourite housemate to stay in the game on dstv.com/bigbrothertitans and by registering on the site, as well as the DStv Self Service Apps.

The Big Brother Titans action continues live 24/7 on DStv Channel 198.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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