A Fudu affair…Introducing Mr & Mrs Ndebele

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Attention ladies! Mr Fudu is officially off the market. The popular deejay and photographer from Bulawayo, DJ Mzoe popularly known as Fudu because of his Fudu Media Company name tied the knot with his sweetheart, Samantha Gubede last weekend at a private wedding ceremony in Vumba, Eastern Highlands. The ceremony was attended by family members and close friends.

dj mzoe wedding

The Ndebeles shared their wedding experience with Saturday Leisure and below are snippets of the ceremony and build-up to the wedding.

Wedding of . . . Sibanengi “DJ Mzoe” Ndebele, the son of LM Ndebele and R Ndebele with Samantha Gubede, the daughter of D Gubede and J Gubede.

Tied the knot on . . . January 14, 2023. 

Wedding venue . . . Fountain Creek in Vumba.


How did you meet Samantha?

We met at her workplace. Her friend was having a birthday party and invited me to her office for a booking. It was love at first sight when I saw Samantha. We exchanged numbers as she also wanted to have a photoshoot. We started communicating and the rest is history.


dj mzoe wedding

How did you propose?

I proposed at Lupane service station while we were traveling to Victoria Falls where I had a gig. We have been together for just over two years.


Did you face any challenges preparing for the wedding?

Yes, a bit.


Wedding Colour? 

Rustic Bohemian.


Makeup artiste?

Rose’s beauty bar from Mutare.


The bridal team?

None. We found it irrelevant as we just wanted something intimate with me and my lovely wife in the spotlight.


dj mzoe wedding

The cake . . . was a two-tier fruit cake made by aunty Aria (from Mutare). 

My favourite part of the wedding was . . . playing with my wife on the decks as we entertained guests.

The most touching moment . . . was when we shared our vows.

The most touching speech was from . . . Tayesa Banda and Mike Prozaic Ndebele.

Photography was provided by . . . Fudu Media (Tk & Z factor).

MC: Mr Bhebhe general.

Sound was provided by . . . Fudu Media (DJ Cousin Kooler)

 Décor was provided by . . . Onias Tutani from Bulawayo

 Budget . . . $15 000

Honeymoon . . . Troutbeck, Nyanga

Article Source: The Chronicle

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