Airforce Of Zimbabwe Officers Undergo Training In South Africa 

Source: Airforce Of Zimbabwe Officers Undergo Training In South Africa ⋆ Pindula News

According to a report by defenceWeb, the four AFZ officers are Officer Cadet (OC) Allen Thabiso Moyo, Officer Cadet Benjamin Dambakushamba, Officer Cadet Talent Macharaga, and Officer Cadet Kudakwashe Goba.

The four joined the course at the beginning of this year. Said Dambakushamba:

South Africa and Zimbabwe have enjoyed good relations from way back, which is why I have already adapted to the environment keeping in mind that South Africa and Zimbabwe are very close neighbours who always boldly display the splendour of this continent through exchange programmes like these.

We miss cooked meals, but we enjoy the learning process that is taking place, we are motivated and we will definitely go home with a lot that will make us sought-after Air Traffic Controllers.

I wish to express my respect to the Air Force for making this opportunity so fulfilling for these students; this school’s reputation speaks for itself and it is definitely sublime.

Most of its graduates are enjoying glorious careers wherever they are in the world and are destined for greatness.

The course is expected to conclude around September 2023. The modules concluded so far are Visual Aircraft Recognition, Aircraft Instruments and Navigation Aids and Basic Meteorology.

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