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Sanctions: President Nyusi hails Zim resilience
President Nyusi

Kudakwashe Mugari in BEIRA, Mozambique 

Mozambican President Felipe Nyusi has commended Zimbabweans for managing to cope and develop even under the yoke of baneful sanctions imposed by the West.

Over the past two decades, Zimbabwe has been under illegal economic sanctions imposed as punishment for the land reform programme that corrected colonial land imbalances.

Notwithstanding the weight of the illegal sanctions, Zimbabwe — under the Second Republic — has managed to implement developmental projects that have even surprised its tormentors.

During a Press conference, following bilateral engagements with President Mnangagwa, Mr Nyusi questioned the rationale behind the sanctions considering that Zimbabwe has implemented far-reaching political, media, and economic reforms.

“Sanctions on Zimbabwe must be removed. We can’t have sanctions for over two decades. It is hatred or an evil spell. President Mnangagwa told me that his country had embarked on reforms that warrant the removal of sanctions. So why are the sanctions not being removed? As SADC we are concerned about the sanctions on Zimbabwe because Zimbabwe has a lot to offer to the world market,” he said

Despite the sanctions, Zimbabwe has been playing a pivotal role in the SADC region in terms of food and security support.

“Zimbabwe despite sanctions, has been self-sufficient in the agricultural sector. Today they gave us grain and is offering us security support. We are grateful for that,” he said

During the joint press briefing, President Mnangagwa said that sanctions will not affect Zimbabwe’s support to Mozambique

“Sanctions have been there with us for a while now but with Mozambique, we will do anything to support them, we are sister Republics. We will continue to create space in every sector be it security, agriculture, or energy,” the President said.

The two leaders also vowed to end terrorism that has affected the Cabo Delgado region and some parts of Mozambique.

“If we allow terrorism to spread it will affect our region. So we need to deal with it from the source,” President Mnangagwa said.

On his part, the host president said the ultimate target is to annihilate all forms of terrorism in the region.

“Our main target is to finish terrorism, if it means today or in six months’ time that’s it. We will continue to fight it,” President Nyusi said.

Zimbabwe has been very supportive of the fight against terrorism in Mozambique, having dispatched trainers to lead the training of Mozambican forces in combating terrorism.

A SADC force, plus Rwanda, is also on the ground in Mozambique clamping down on terrorism with positive results.

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