Motorists hit out at Zimra blitz

Source: Motorists hit out at Zimra blitz | The Herald

Motorists hit out at Zimra blitz

Herald Reporter

Some Harare motorists have criticised the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) for impounding their vehicles in a blitz targeting cars that were undervalued allegedly to evade paying the requisite import duties.

The blitz is targeting mostly top-of-the-range vehicle.

Many cars were impounded along Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa Road (formerly Enterprise Road) near Newlands Shopping Centre yesterday in the ongoing operation.

The cars were towed to Manica Bonded Warehouse.

Motorists who spoke to The Herald said they bought their vehicles following all regulations.

“I bought my vehicle from a car dealership and went on to register it without any hassle.

“If anything they (Zimra) should deal with individuals within their organisation and the car dealers if there are underhand dealings that happened.

“What is happening now is inconveniencing to us,” said the motorist on condition of anonymity.

Another motorist said instead of impounding vehicles, they should be given a grace period to pay the shortfall in the import duties.

“We don’t have to be treated like criminals,” the motorist said.

Another motorist said it was worrying that when Zimra impounds your vehicle, they demand duty for the current state of car despite the fact that some would have been imported with dents, worn out tyres and damaged windscreens.

Witnesses said at least 10 vehicles were impounded at the same spot yesterday.

Zimra officials, who were conducting the blitz, declined to comment.

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