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Leonard Ncube in Binga

BINGA in Matabeleland North is poised for massive economic transformation as Government under the Second Republic continues to accelerate the implementation of key infrastructure projects in the district, which for years lagged behind in terms of development.

The projects being undertaken by Government have improved the socio-economic well-being of locals in line with President Mnangagwa’s  philosophy of leaving no one and no place behind.

For years, Binga District has remained largely marginalised in terms of infrastructure development with several projects either stalled or progressing at a snail’s pace. 

But now, under the Second Republic, roads are being built, boreholes are being drilled, two tertiary education institutions comprising a nursing school and a polytechnic are being built, a border post has just been launched and 17 kapenta fishing rigs have started work. Kapenta handling facilities will be built as well while Binga-Siabuwa-Karoi Road and Binga Airstrip are being rehabilitated. 

A Civil Registry building is under construction while the refurbishment and operationalisation of the hospital mortuary and construction of disaster recovery houses for victims of the 2020 floods that killed one person in Nsungwale are underway.

Binga Polytechnic College has started enrolling its first batch of students while the Binga School of Nursing will follow soon. 

Binga Rural District Council has allocated land for the construction of the nursing school. A tender has been issued for the construction of a mother’s shelter while tendering for the building of a mortuary was done.

All these developments started in April when President Mnangagwa visited the area and ordered the execution of the socially and economically transformative projects. 

To cap it all, a town will soon be built. 

Surfacing of the Binga-Siabuwa-Karoi Road has started under the ERRP programme

A visit to the district by a news crew yesterday showed that real transformation is taking place, marking a departure from the past when development projects were largely seen to be political rhetoric.

During his visit in Binga, President Mnangagwa directed that several measures be taken to develop the previously marginalised district. A few months later down the line, Government-funded projects have started shaping up.

To show commitment by Government towards transforming Binga through state-of-the-art infrastructure , the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Responsible for MonitoringImplementation of Government Programmes, Dr Joram Gumbo had a two-day visit to the district to assess progress being made in implementation of projects.

He observed that the 1,1km long and 17 metres wide airstrip is complete and ready to unlock Binga’s tourism potential while rehabilitation of the Binga-Siabuwa-Karoi road has commenced.

The District Development Fund (DDF) and Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development were tasked to tar 10km and 5km respectively on the Binga side and DDF has completed 6km.

Similar work will also be carried out on the Karoi end of the road. The road is expected to reduce the distance between Harare and Victoria Falls by more than 300km thereby unlocking Binga’s economic value

Binga is a sleeping tourism destination with attractions such as hot springs, wildlife, fishing, boating, crocodile farming, cultural activities and sand beaches among others.

Following the flash floods that hit Nsungwale area in February 2020, more than 80 families were affected and 37 of them had their homesteads destroyed.

“Government undertook to construct 37 houses for each of the affected families. Each will be having two bedrooms, a sitting room, detached bathroom and toilet as well as shared piped water,” said Dr Gumbo.

“The department of Public Works has completed building 17 of the houses which have been roofed and floored with few final touches remaining while a private contractor engaged by the Ministry of National Housing and Social Amenities has constructed the other 20 units to wall plate level and await roofing, glazing, plastering and fitting of doors and windows.”

The affected families have built temporary structures at the site where the houses are being built about 2km away from the floods area, as they wait to be allocated the houses once complete.

Dr Gumbo said he was satisfied with progress made so far and would engage Treasury on the issue of delays in release of funds.

“I must say that I am really impressed with what I have seen, especially the development and commitment that the Government is now focusing on Binga, particularly on the development side,” he said.

Some of the victims of Binga floods during a meeting with Dr Gumbo in Nsungwale yesterday3

“It is our expectation that an improved road network will unlock investment and ensure Binga becomes a destination of choice for tourists. People are grateful that at least the Government is recognising that there are some people in Binga and this blends in well with President Mnangagwa’s mantra of leaving no-one and no place behind as the country moves towards achieving Vision 2030.”

Dr Gumbo implored those entrusted to carry out projects in Binga to show commitment.–@ncubeleon

Article Source: The Chronicle

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