Bulawayo dams peak 56 percent after incessant rainfall

BULAWAYO – Water levels in Bulawayo metropolitan’s catchment dams have risen to an average 56, 67 percent following incessant rains that have pounded the region past few weeks.

According to authorities at City Hall, city catchment dams have risen significantly from the 45.07 percent recorded last month to current volumes.

The dams supplying Bulawayo with water include Inyankuni, Umzingwane, upper and lower Ncema as well as Mtshabezi.

According to the statistics released by the Bulawayo City Council (BCC), Insiza Mayfair Dam is now 73.16 percent full while Inyankuni is at 45.61 with Lower Ncema now 30.46 percent.

Insiza gained a cumulative total of 14.8 percent, Inyankuni 8.87 percent while lower Ncema had an impressive 20.53 percent.

Umzingwane Dam recorded 16.66 percent inflows and Upper Ncema gained 42.98 percent increase while Mtshabezi Dam realised 7.40 percent.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) confirmed that the national dam level average has also increased.

“Dam levels as at Feb. 2023. The national dam level average now stands at 90.5% and the country continues to witness more and more dams spilling,” ZINWA said.

The meteorological department has continued to forecast more rains across the country with being predicted to be a good farming season across the country.

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