CCC MPs dump Chamisa as Ncube laments failure to rein in ex-leader

HARARE – A number of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislators and former Nelson Chamisa’s allies Wednesday broke ranks with the former opposition leader when they showed up at a Welshman Ncube-led National Council Meeting in Harare, ending speculation on who was backing the interim leader of the contested opposition.

During introductions, Charlton Hwende was presented as the secretary-general, Lynnete Karenyi-Kore (vice-president), while Chamisa’s former adviser Sessel Zvidzai was introduced as party chairperson.

Hwende, Karenyi-Kore and others who include legislator Richard Tsvangirayi, Maureen Kademaunga and Happymore Chidziva, who had previously distanced themselves from Ncube, appeared in control of proceedings after coming out of the closet.

Addressing journalists during a press conference, Ncube said Chamisa had failed the CCC, but also took the blame saying the then MDC national council elected in Gweru had failed its duty.

“We took responsibility as the national council accepting that we slept on the job and failed to do our duty to demand accountability and transparency in a democratic constitution, thereby, veering off our democratic principles,” he said.

In its resolution, the CCC said it would engage President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF on electoral reforms based on reports from observer missions, locally and internationally.

Ncube said they would not be contesting the outcome of the elections, but the processes so that they prepare for 2028.

“We are not going to necessarily engage Zanu PF on the results of the 2023 general elections, but instead, we are going to deal on issues around the conduct of elections based on the reports by local, regional and international observer missions. Our view is to create a level playing field ahead of the 2028 elections. Otherwise, if we don’t, we will remain at the same place that we were in 2023,” he said. NewsDay

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