Cheeky Chitungwiza robber (20) terrorises fuel attendants with toy gun

A 20-year-old Chitungwiza ‘armed’ robber ran out of luck last Saturday after his second attempt to rob a fuel attendant of cash using a toy gun resulted in his arrest.

Police on Wednesday identified the cheeky suspect as Amos Nyarume.

According to police, “On 03/06/22, ZRP Zengeza arrested Amos Nyarume (20) for a case of robbery where he attacked a fuel attendant and stole US$420 at a service station in Chikwana, Chitungwiza.

“Later, the suspect was apprehended by members of the public while attempting to rob another fuel attendant at a nearby service station. A silver toy gun and US$290 cash were recovered.”

Armed robbery cases have been on the increase in the country as a lot of hardpressed citizens turn to desperate means of earning themselves some money to survive the tough economic situation.

A lot of robbers target homes and business premises stocking large sums of foreign bank notes.

Many Zimbabweans have largely refrained from voluntarily taking their monies to banks for fear of losing the income in the wake of continued policy summersaults by monetary authorities.

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