Chief accused of victimising subjects, parcelling out their land to associates

Source: Chief accused of victimising subjects, parcelling out their land to associates – NewsDay Zimbabwe


CHIEF Nyangazonke Ndiweni of Kezi in Matabeleland South province has been accused of victimising his subjects and parcelling out their land to his associates from outside the province.

Villagers from Mangala, Ndiweni and Tshogwana claimed that kraal heads had also been barred from allocating land to landless locals amid suspicions that he plans to give it to  friends and relatives.

They claimed the chief had been allocating land along the Kezi-Maphisa Road to his “rich friends” who were building mansions while locals were denied the same opportunity.

“We are afraid of him. We are eagerly waiting for a solution over the matter. He victimises those that confront him,” a villager speaking on condition of anonymity said.

“If you look at some of the homesteads that are built along the main road, they belong to those that are rich and his friends. But what about those that are less privileged? They are resettled very far from the road network.”

But Ndiweni dismissed the claims as baseless, although he confirmed that he had barred kraal heads from parcelling out land.

“I stopped the allocation of land for resettlement by the kraal heads after realising that there was disorder in the whole exercise being spearheaded by some acting kraal heads,’’ he said.

“Otherwise, everything is done above board. I work with a team from the local leadership, council and Agritex. No one will be left out in this exercise.

“Right now, there are 17 vacant stands in Mangala village meant for resettlement. I will meet with the local leadership to see who qualifies for the stands.

“The role of the chief is to preside over people in his area, even those coming from outside my jurisdiction can get land in my area.”

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