COMMENT: Zimbabweans must refuse to be divided

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SINCE coming to power, President Mnangagwa has called for, among many other things, unity under the Zimbabwean flag emphasising that there is more that binds the nation than what divides it.

The holding of the historic 42nd Independence Day celebrations in Bulawayo on Monday, the first time the main celebrations were held outside the capital Harare since 1980, was a crystallisation of those calls in many ways.

Outside walking the talk on the Government’s devolution drive that also involves the holding of State functions by bringing the Independence celebrations to Bulawayo, opposition parties heeded the President’s invitation to the Uhuru jamboree.

At the celebrations oppositions parties that included Citizens’ Coalition for Change and MDC-T among others were in attendance in line with what the President has always preached, unity in diversity.

And in his Independence Day speech, President Mnangagwa reiterated that Zimbabweans must refuse to be divided as the cords that bind the country together are stronger than any differences.

It is hoped that this is the beginning and not an end of such acts by the opposition, the realisation that we are Zimbabweans first above every other thing and the love for our country should be the glue that binds everyone who calls Zimbabwe home.

Speaking at the 361st session of the Politburo in Harare on Wednesday, President Mnangagwa said the participation of a wide cross-section of people and political parties is testimony of the growing patriotism among Zimbabweans.

President Mnangagwa addresses the Zanu-PF Politburo at the party headquarters in Harare

“Our country’s democracy has indeed matured. Equally, the jubilation and celebrations of our people from across the world that trended on social media platforms was reflective of a people proud of their freedom and independence,” he said.

“As Zimbabweans, we must continue on this course of unity and love for one another and for our country. Together we are stronger.”

Added the President, “The gradual decentralisation of other national events such as the Defence Forces Day will go a long way towards connecting our people, in various parts of the country, especially the youth, to broader national programmes.

“This will in-turn help raise their political awareness, consciousness, patriotism and loyalty,” he said.

On Monday, President Mnangagwa said the determination and sacrifice made by the surviving and departed heroes and heroines during the liberation struggle demands that all Zimbabweans remain united and cherish the values of peace and harmony.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

“As a diverse but one Nation that is united under one National Flag, we reaffirm and reinforce our unity, love and harmony for one another and for our great country.

“We refuse to be divided. The cords that bind us are much stronger than any differences, which we may ever encounter,” said President Mnangagwa.

“I challenge all Zimbabweans and the youth in particular to cherish, preserve and protect the Independence and freedom we are enjoying and always advance our national interest.

“As we celebrate 42 years of our country’s Independence, let us never allow divisive tendencies, greed and the pursuit of unpatriotic self-centred political gains, to weaken our bond of unity, peace, love and harmony,” he said.

Stressing the need to work together in developing the country in line with the mantra: “Ilizwe lakhiwa ngabanikazi balo/ Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo,” President Mnangagwa said Zimbabweans, individually and collectively, have a duty to wholeheartedly serve and work hard for the development and prosperity of their beloved motherland.

“In unity, Zimbabwe is rising; no one and no place shall be left behind as we march forward towards our vision of a prosperous and empowered upper middle-income country by 2030,” he said.

“We are strengthening our unity, enhancing national cohesion and entrenching peace within our country, brick by brick, stone upon stone,” he said.

“This is what was fought for by the many heroes and heroines of our great country.”

Article Source: The Chronicle

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