Creatives’ reflections on 2021 and their expectations for 2022

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Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter
GIVEN a chance to describe how 2021 was, what could you possibly say? A total waste? A stressful period? One to forget?

The aforementioned statements are some of the sentiments that most of us would have when quizzed about our thoughts and feelings of the past year. This has been the year of ups and downs (mostly the latter as people are still getting to grips with the effects of Covid-19).

The past two years would surely go down in history for being some of the toughest spells in modern history for those involved in arts. From shattered dreams, failed endeavours, unmet goals and a whole lot of angst, everyone has a story to tell. Apart from the pity party most endured, I would like to think of 2021 as a year of opportunities, endless ones.

Ask rapper Asaph for example. He paved the way for fellow local rappers as he signed a recording deal with music giants, Def Jam Recordings Africa in December.

2021 started on a cumbersome note as a strict lockdown enforced left them with barely anything to stand on as live performances were not possible. But the industry sighed a huge relief as the Cabinet gave creatives the green light to host live performances late last year, a feat they welcomed with joy.


Instead of 2021 being what Latinos would call an annus horribilis, creatives would rather have it named annus mirabilis because they recorded both mishaps and successes though the latter is subjective.

Now, this is not a Latin class but annus horribilis is equivalent to “a year of horrors” while annus mirabilis is all about a year that had a multitude of both successes and calamities.
With Covid-19 washing down the usual cliche of, “so and so is my year” and now, no one wants to associate with it.

European-based rapper, Xosti bemoaned the lockdowns which meant that he spent the festive season overseas.

“For us, the year has been hectic as we did not have the freedom to roam around and enjoy the festivities of this season.

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to doing more collaborations after the success of my song with Nani Ntengo.


When I come back home early next year, I will collaborate with more artistes on a couple of singles,” relayed Xosti.

Rapper Luminous who had a strong year with two nominations at the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards and the Pogues Zim Hip Hop Awards said irrespective of him falling short in both awards, he had a fruitful year with an “answered prayer”.

“For me, it was an answered prayer. Last year, I asked God to confirm if I should pursue music or save my money so I needed to see progress as a sign. The deal was I would give it my all and one year later, here we are.l From

“It was costly but fruitful as well. It was a year of introduction for me and laying a foundation.

“I did a lot and was fortunate to get on prestigious stages and hold my own show. I had my music playing in different continents and learnt a lot more about the business. 2022 is the year for growth, consistency and faithfulness for me.

Ntando Van Moyo

“I can’t control the outcome of the year, but I can guarantee crazy input starting with a new song and video in January after my birthday,” said the Ungay’vusa hitmaker.

Funnyman, comedian Ntando Van Moyo said the year 2021 made them live the adage, “Necessity is the mother of all invention”. According to the Umahlekisa Comedy Club social media and marketing manager, the year required creatives to think outside the box.

“For me, 2021 was a mixed bag with its highs and lows due to the effects of the pandemic. The situation forced us to think outside the box in our pursuit of comedy tourism as evidenced by our successful hosting of the Matobo Gin Festival and other success stories.

This created new revenue streams and audiences for us and these were the positives recorded,” Van Moyo said.

Lil Mars Shex

“On the negative end, we couldn’t consistently host regular shows in the CBD because of the timeline. Our shows are usually held at night when people have knocked off from work but then, because of the curfews, our work became hard. In the middle of all of that, we look forward to 2022 with optimism as we have shows lined up that will have new and exciting acts.

“In March, we’re going to celebrate our 9th anniversary as Umahlekisa Comedy Club so people should expect a lot of rib-rippling jokes. We hope to have international acts gracing the Umahlekisa 9-9,” he said.

South Africa-based artiste, Lil Mars Shex gave his two cents on how the year 2021 was for him.

“2021 gave me valuable lessons. I gained a lot of knowledge about music so in 2022, I’m putting that knowledge into use. Even though 2021 had a lot of challenges, I was able to use the time to find myself and that’s one of the things every artiste should go through,” he said.

He is set to partake in the awards set to be held either virtually or physically in Germany.

Multi-nominated Club DJ, Prince Eskhosini said 2021 was extremely good for him as he got to perform with his entourage Conga Brothers and carved a name for themselves in nightclubs.

“In 2021, I made huge strides, especially with Conga Brothers and the future seems so much brighter as we hope to push more gigs. This is because we have established new relationships which means that we signed some contracts and that was a plus for us,” is how the Utshwala hit-maker would put it.

Rapper Bob Se7en was thankful for 2021 for many reasons, chief among them, the establishment of his own record label, 5ive9ine Entertainment which produced his EP.

“I have every reason to be grateful for 2021 as I established my own record label. For 2022, I will push for more visuals and live performances and if I achieve that, then, it will suffice to call it a good year,” he said.

Talk show host, Grace Anne Ndlovu said: “2021 started on a low note with the lockdown, but it picked up well as the end approached but it really made people be cautious with their businesses and planning. For me, it was an eye-opener. We expect 2022 to be a power year where we rise and put the effort in what we do.”

Wordsmith, chatterbox and poet, Sox The Poet, a survivor of a horrific car accident in November was grateful for all the things he achieved last year.

“2021 was a year of growth and new experiences. It was a buffet of all sorts of emotions, new knowledge, miracles and networks. Reflecting back, I do not regret one single thing. Yes, it wasn’t the easiest year especially considering that Covid-19 is still a reality, but we managed to persevere through it all, document new stories, and experiment with new concepts.

“I found new hope, love, knowledge, strength, joy and comfort in knowing that the journey I walk is one I will never walk alone. My recovery is quite swift, both physically and mentally,” Sox The Poet said.

Sox The Poet

“2022, I’m continuing with my partnership with Siqalo Pictures to make visuals for my art, something great is also brewing which I am not allowed to talk about yet. I will be finishing off an experimental concept of fusing Taekwondo (done in collaboration with Panthers Taekwondo Club) and poetry (done with Thandoe) as well,” he said.

Loyalty was one subject that music producer Trippi (real name Anthony Fungai Mapondo) touched on when he shared his 2021 experiences and 2022 expectations.

“The year 2021 taught me that people lack loyalty in this industry but besides that, the year was not that bad. I managed to host shows and I believe 2022 will be better for us,” he said.

Amidst all the hardships faced, the creatives said that they anticipate better times ahead and only time will tell how 2022 will pan out.

How was 2021 for you? Get in touch on +263 77 733 7776 or my email address: [email protected] – @eMKlass49.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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