DJ Tira vows to promote Zimbabwe’s tourism

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Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Reporter
South African record producer, DJ and Kwaito artiste, DJ Tira (real name Mthokozisi Mkhathi) has vowed to help promote Zimbabwe’s tourism through various initiatives.

The Afrotainment boss who has become a regular visitor in the country met President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House last month and the two, according to DJ Tira, discussed ways to promote the country’s tourism among other issues.

Speaking to Chronicle Showbiz from his base in South Africa on Tuesday, DJ Tira said he scheduled a meeting with the First Citizen as he plans to ensure Zimbabwe’s rich tourism is well marketed to the world.

“I met President Mnangagwa on July 27 and this was in connection with an event that I’m trying to bring to Zimbabwe called Fact Zimbabwe Rocks.

The event will complement the Zimbabwean government’s efforts to boost the tourism and entertainment industries,” he said.

DJ Tira said he is grateful for the support that he has received from President Mnangagwa thus far and vowed that the Fact Zimbabwe Rocks initiative will not only promote the country but create jobs.

“Meeting President Mnangagwa was to try and get Government to support Fact Zimbabwe Rocks, which they have done willingly.

People can expect job opportunities created by Fact Zimbabwe Rocks and workshops (business and music seminars to share knowledge with entrepreneurs and musicians in Zimbabwe).

“Zimbabwe has a lot of potential to attract tourists to the country and do business with SADC countries.

I’m just trying to see how I can contribute to showing the world that Zimbabwe rocks.

With the right projects, I’m confident that people can see the country’s potential,” said DJ Tira.

In South Africa, DJ Tira popularised the #FactDurban Rocks concert that is held twice a year on the first Saturday of July and on the 31st of December.

#FactDurban Rocks

Now in their 10th year, the two events’ attendance is about 18 500 people per event.

Comically referred to as Dirarizare Marufu as most locals have embraced him as one of them, DJ Tira said: “These days I come to Zimbabwe frequently and I can’t keep up with the schedule myself,” said DJ Tira.

The artiste’s first visit to the country this year was during the first week of July when he performed in Gwanda.

Sadly, he misplaced his passport during that visit, an occurrence that led him to stay in the country longer than he anticipated.

But like they say, everything happens for a reason and this mishap could have actually been a blessing in disguise as the artiste has undeniably fallen in love with the country.

After receiving emergency travel documents to return to South Africa, DJ Tira returned to Zimbabwe days later for yet another show in Kadoma in a move that showed many how much love he had for the country.

– @mthabisi_mthire

Article Source: The Chronicle

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